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Introducing another kind of editor for your company's presentations.

Jul 30, 2020

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Did you have a look at Bob’s presentation? He used the wrong logo, again.

It's astonishing how much the look and feel of presentations vary, even within the same company. Templates, formatting, color palettes, fonts, logo – you name it, they are never the same across two decks. Presentations are rarely consistent, even when companies invest time and effort in brand identity and design guidelines.

Today we are thrilled to announce that DeckDeckGo is receiving support for templates for enterprise customers. Create a template once and all presentations will then use the same.

Templates And Options That Match Your CI/CD

With this new feature, we aim to provide you with a new kind of editor for presentations and to assist you in the implementation of your brand's CI/CD into your slides. In close collaboration with your designer and adhering to your guidelines, we will create a set of unbreakable templates to which you can apply your design, logo, colors, fonts, styles and any other specifications. These templates will then be used by all your employees and collaborators going forward, thereby streamlining your company's visual identity.

That's not all! Below are some other features we are rolling out for enterprise customers.

More Than Static Content

Templates are made with the web and have no other limits than the web's own. It means that if your business offers web solutions, you can integrate these within your slides.

Collaborate And Share A Library

Teams are nothing without good communication. That’s why multiple users can edit the same presentation in real time and share ideas and comments.

What's more, collaborators can now upload and use your company's media resources and assets in their own slide decks.

Always Up-To-Date

Over time, your corporate style will evolve. We simplify this stylistic growth.

Custom Domain, In Housing and Share Privately

You can publish your decks under your own domain name. It's also possible to create authenticated links for private content.

Finally, if you prefer to integrate DeckDeckGo into your infrastructure and private network instead of using our SaaS platform, we are here to help.

And So Much More

That rounds up the new features for our enterprise customers - but we have already released a ton of things for everyone else!

Edit Anywhere, Showcase Everywhere

The editor is available anywhere, it is a Progressive Web App!

Presentations work on computers, phones, tablets and more. They are published as standalone apps.


Engage with your audience in real time by running polls within your slides. Get them involved during your presentations with their smartphones and show the results live.


Syntax-highlighted code, math formulas, charts, YouTube, Unsplash, Tenor, Google Fonts. We integrated the most useful services directly in the editor and are providing many components to render information smoothly.

Remote control

Control your presentations remotely, draw on your slides and set a timer from your phone or tablet.

Speaker notes

Write speaker notes for your slides. Embed them in your presentation when and where needed.

Open Source

DeckDeckGo is open source. All of the code from our applications and components is available on GitHub.

We encourage companies to adopt this approach, but we do understand if you prefer to keep your corporate templates private.

Developer Kit

All public features used by our editor are available as a developer kit. Therefore, if you would rather prepare your presentation with HTML or Markdown, go for it by using npm init deckeckgo.

Get In Touch

I hope the above introduction (and giving DeckDeckGo a try for yourself) made you curious about our solutions for enterprise clients. Get in touch for a tailored discussion about your needs by sending us an email.

To infinity and beyond!