David Dal Busco

Freelancer - Full Stack Development Web, PWA and Mobile iOS/Android - Project management - UX and IT consulting


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I'm a freelance full stack developer specialized in Web, Progressive Web Apps and Mobile (iOS/Android) projects.

In terms of development, I'm experienced with Ionic, Angular and newly React. I'm a huge fan of Web Components developed with StencilJS and I have a Java background, which probably explains why I like to use Typescript.

I also have got experience in project management, business requirements analysis, used to be a team lead and provide UX and IT consulting.

I speak fluently french, german and english and I'm currently based in Zürich, Switzerland.

You could hire me as a contractor to be part of your team or ask me to take over your overall project, as I did with some of the projects I showcase in my portfolio.


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April 1st 2020

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Add A Slider To You Angular App

March 31st 2020

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Create A Modal For Your Angular App Without Libs

March 30th 2020

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I have developed this website. Its open source code is available on Github