We need your help to get started

We need your help for the launch of DeckDeckGo our upcoming web open source editor for presentations

Aug 28, 2019

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Photo by Jonny Caspari on Unsplash

I'm currently sitting in a bus between Zürich and Munich on my way for a weekend trip where I plan to not work and nerd that much. Ok I admit it, that plan doesn't begin exactly as I just told and I may have to work for a client tomorrow morning, but, I've got an awesome news to share:

We are about to launch DeckDeckGo, our upcoming open source web editor for presentations, next month (Mid to late September 2019) 🎉

A quick overview of some of the features of our upcoming editor

Launch without content sucks

The feels when they left the house, miss you Uncle Phil

It turns out that our solution is not "just" an editor but we are hopping that it would become someday an online community for sharing presentations, slides and talks about your interests and ideas (🤞). That's kind of our dream.

Oopsie I just felt asleep the last 30 minutes even if I'm listening to the loudest Australian's punk rock band in my headphones (Violent Soho). I guess I could thank the EU for not being what it used to be anymore and for having gently walked me up to control my ID

We are far, far away of such an application and community but it does not mean that we can't dream a bit and that we could not implement the first piece of this idea in our beta, what we actually did. Its main screen, which I call the "feed", will present all the decks which are going to be edited and published (as standalone Progressive Web Apps…but that's another story 😉) with our tool.

And there is our problem: we would not like to have a cold start respectively to launch our platform without content. Of course we are going to write by our own one or two presentations before its starts but it feels still very tiny in term of content. To summarize my feelings and speak frankly, that would sucks a bit.

That's why we need your help to get started and are hoping that you would be interested to give us a hand in order to create content before our official start 🙏

Almost nothing to win

What a strange choice of Gifs for this article, I miss Frank Drebin too

Whenever you have to create a new presentation in the next weeks, are just interested to try out our editor before anyone else or are maybe interested to replicate one of your favorite previous presentations, we would really appreciate your help.

You may ask yourself "why David would I give you a hand if there is nothing to win?". Well that's fair point and I'm agree with you, we don't offer much, for not saying nothing in return but I could give you my word, that if one day we meet each other somewhere in the world, dinner or lunch will be on me!

Furthermore, if you would visit Zürich someday, I'll be happy to guide you through the city one afternoon. It ain't much, but I hope that this plus extra life's karma points will give you some motivation to participate 😇

How to participate?

Join the dark side of the force - Gandalf

If you are still here and are up to give us hand, here's how you could participate and what's the plan:

  1. Reach me on Twitter, per Email or on our Slack channel to get started

  2. I'll answer and give you access to our platform. I will also be there in case you would need any help or support

  3. You develop your presentations, ultimately publish them but don't share them "publicly in the wild" as long as we don't officially start

  4. Hopefully, our tool isn't that buggy and you won't discover that much bugs, but you might find some, I mean, we are humans after all 🤖 If that would be the unfortunate case, obviously we are going to fix these before launch

  5. Mid to late September 2019 we start our platform with plenty of content thanks to your help and we spend the all day wearing our biggest smiles because we are just lucky bastards who could count on awesome people like you 😃

It’s the end of this article and I have still one hour and half of travel. I was about to develop the small improvements I just discovered before I began to write this article but I might just take a bit of time to read some pages of “Console Wars” a recent book I bought about the story of Nintendo and Sega, will see.

To infinity and beyond 🚀


P.S. Funny story, it was actually only 30 remaining minutes, I totally misunderstand my ticket. It was a good surprise, kind of feel I've used a time travel machine 🤣 Cheers from Munich