I started this project, "DeckDeckGo", in october 2018. I had to prepare a talk about Ionic v4 and Web Components and I noticed that I wasn't using the technology I was about to display.

As any engineer, what did I do in such situation? I created quickly a library using StencilJS to write my presentation only with Web Components.

After the presentation I did continue to "work" on my spare time on the project as it is for me a way to learn new technologies and concept.

Meanwhile Nicolas Mattia joined the project and together we decided to have even more fun by turning it into a fully web open source editor for presentations.

Fact sheet

The complexity of the project goes way beyond what is summarized above as each presentations written with DeckDeckGo are packaged and published online as self autonomous Progressive Web Apps. For such process we notably use Amazon AWS, Haskell, Nix and Terraform. All the credits for the implementation of this amazing tool chain goes to Nicolas Mattia.

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