ETH Library Lab

I am providing consulting services to the ETH Library Lab, an initiative for human-centered innovation in the knowledge sphere from ETH Zürich.

The lab has for mission to help students, researchers and educators to unleash their full potential by boosting ideas that support them in discovering, accessing, using or sharing scientific information and knowledge.

As part of their projects, I use my engineering background and experience to provide:

  • advices on project management, planning and services
  • discuss technical questions
  • recommandations on design and UX topics
  • support regarding the open source and prototyping concepts

Open source

The Lab seeks to advance tools, systems, practices and services and therefore will publish, at least, some projects and prototypes as open source softwares on GitHub


External developer & Consulting

Personal projects

And more

My company address

Fluster GmbH c/o The Hub Zürich Association Sihlquai 131 8005 Zürich

On the web

This website is open source. Its code is available on GitHub